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There are no loop holes, however there are many entry points.

We want the loop hole, but what I recommend is the entry point.

Ancient wisdom says “The first step is the hardest.”

Often, in that first step we are getting pulled by the hair, from there we don’t dread the descension.

You see human nature tells us that we have some place to be,

Constantly waiting for a time in our life where we are free to do as we please.

Usually retirement.

It creates the vibe of, “I’ll be happy when…”

Until that time we settle for a life, a job and partners that don’t really make us that happy.

Our conditioning and epigenetics keeps the genes in our bloodline.

Have you noticed that we can have very little to do with a parent and still their behavioural imprint is strong?

How we can be away from the environment we grown up in and still carry the same behaviours and not question them?

It’s fascinating.

If our bodies completely regenerate every 10 years why do we have illness that are lifelong or span over decades?

Our ability to question everything, change what we don’t like and strengthen our ability in areas we want to improve is everything.

We have the ability to do that, all we need to do we make a choice.

Question every limiting belief you have.

… I can’t say that.

… I can’t do that.

… Now is not the right time.

… I will do that when.

… It’s not so bad.

… It’s OK.

… I didn’t, but I will.

Catch yourself when these words escape your lips and ask yourself, “If I knew I was dying tomorrow, what would I do now?”

What do you really want to do in that moment?


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