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The Becoming...

This is an exclusive three days of decadence that is completely tailored to you and your partner.

This experience has SAVED relationships and deepened love in the most divine and sacred way.

It’s for you if you want to understand what it means to bring absolute sacredness and worship to every union.

  • If you’re curious to understand your erotic and kink profile.

  • If you would like to bring something new to your relationship.

  • If you enjoy a personalised and exclusive day of devotion that is tailored just for you.


You will receive-

  • A Custom Erotic Profile.

  • Personalised Toy Box to suit your profile. (we use the highest and the best quality available)

  • Learn the energy, consciousness, practicality and architecture of a Lifestyle Dom.

  • Meet your own Innate Dom.

  • Learn Sacred Worship.

  • Accommodation

  • Beautiful meals and nourishment.


We will delve into your psyche and extract the essence and flavour of your own unique Sacred Erotica.

... You be confident in how to hold play sessions and use toys in your own authentic way.

... You understand how to cultivate energy, set intentions and use your intuition during play in accordance with the highest good of all.


In this three-day immersion, you will enter into a decadent exploration to meet your own Sacred Erotica. One day with the Femme Domme and the second day with your partner.


*There is no penetration or play in this immersion.


In Melbourne and any travel outside of Melbourne at an extra cost.



Book for a free conversation and you can learn more about and if it's right for you.






“Thank you Renee for bringing me home to my Intuitive Dominatrix and all the other parts of me who have been disconnected and a little lost in the world. Through the internship, I was able to tap into all the parts of me, the light and most importantly the dark that came together like liquid gold seeping through every cell in my body resulting in a deep sense of ‘Coming Home to Me’.  If you have the tiny whisper, nudge or calling to work with Renee and join the Internship, don’t repress it any longer. This experience has been life-changing for me on so many levels and this body of work has allowed me to grow, develop and expand in ways I couldn’t have ever imagined.  
Renee has a beautiful way of mixing theory and intuitive guidance, holding a sacred safe space for you to explore in whatever way works best for you with a sense of freedom but always feeling deeply held.” 

- Zoe


Speak To Us


If you are ready to experience ALL that we offer speak to us about a bundle and receive the Internship, the Practitioner Trainer and Awakening Aphrodite for a special price.


The most refreshingly real and radical School that is shaking up and normalising our relationship with pleasure, sex, Eros and spirituality.

Beyond all the dogma, rules and BS.

We represent the people who have forgotten, dismissed and lost their desire to feel deeply and have pleasure echo through their loins.

We represent the people who get overlooked and forgotten when it comes to representation in sensuality and erotism. We represent and welcome all people, gender, age, sexual orientation, colour, race, ability and size. Your representation and inclusion matter so if you have a disability and have specific requirements you need to learn this work we will do everything in our power to accommodate you.

Everyone has the right to feel sensual, sexy and decadent.

We are sovereign people who feel our feet on the floor and melt into life while moving through the worlds of the quantum field as we offer a refined, sophisticated, comprehensive and decadent array of products and services that are at the cutting edge of the epic body of work that Somatic Kink is.

Our soul/ sole intention is to awaken Aphrodite within you and you remember who you really are, without the editing, suppression, shame, guilt, stuck-ness, conformity and conditioning.

The teachings are ripe, in-depth and all-encompassing to feel life move through your veins and become Hedonistic Holy & Human in a healthy, congruent and integral way.

We’ve got you Boo.

We are fun and playful, crazy and intense, wild and free, intelligent and deeply embodied.

We bring the fusion of powerful teachings of Hermeticism, Pantheon, Archetypal Energy, Intuitive Intelligence, Eros, Embodiment and Sacred Kink.

This exploration is for you if you feel ready to take a deep dive into the underbelly of your shadow, your hidden Kinks and false power where we leave no stone unturned and hold fierce and gentle container whereby we make love to all that is taboo and suppressed and bring them into there pure and innocent power, you learn sex magick and the power of the Erotic Body.
The leading and gold standard of the science of intuition and intuitive intelligence.

Our work with embodiment happens throughout all five bodies and somatically, it moves through every fibre of your being.

Our belief if you can’t have embodiment without Eros… well you can, but it doesn’t feel anywhere near as good!

We have gone to great lengths to ensure you get the very best of Somatic Kink and the Intuitive Dominatrix. We are dedicated and built on the foundation of absolute integrity, congruence and professionalism. We offer certified teachings in an unregulated industry to ensure you are safe, nurtured and free to explore all that is you.

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