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... If you are over second-guessing yourself,

... Wondering why you wobble more times than you walk,

... If you’re done with feeling like you have to be all things to all people,

... Waiting for a time in your reality that is yours to be, do and have,


... If you are tired of walking the line of…. everything, always.

If you like to feel held, seen and nurtured in a learning environment Self-Sourcey is for you.

Become a certified Self- Sourcer and learn the magic of self-mastery.

In this ten-week wonderment, we use the triad that is the epicentre of sustainable, realistic, sovereign and juicy growth where you will learn skills that we have used to alter lives numerous times.


You will become a self-sourcer and learn the magic of self-mastery.

You see, we want you to be so fierce in your ability to become self-sourced that you stop seeking and you stand strong in being able to hold your own soul.

To master the art of self-sourcey while still listening to the whispers of life and your soul without feeling jeopardised or wavering in it.

We got you Boo!





Learn the language of your soul.

Feel it in the underflow.

The journey that rewrites how you tend to the wants and needs of your soul, learn how to meet your darkness and your light in a safe and honouring way.

Make a real change.

Become intimate with yourself as the epicentre of the most seductive Lover in your own life.

Don’t change the game, obliterate it.

In this 10-week journey, we will completely rewrite your relationship with yourself and become self-sourced in every way.


  • Through sharpening your intuition,

  • Understanding Your Unconscious Kink,

  • Somatic Processing,

  • Speaking the language of your soul,

We are opening up a new dialogue around the intelligence of Eros.

You see for literally thousands of years we have projected, contorted, conformed and betrayed the most sacred source we can have.

The deepest form of wisdom and worship that really allows us to be both mystic and mundane, holy and human.

Lurking in the shadows of our existence and buried deep in our psyche is the intelligence of when psyche meets Eros.

It’s one of the oldest love stories that is only told today in shards, mere fragments of a distorted intelligence where we have lived in the shadows.

Even when we slay this last dragon of our sexuality it is in the seduction and allure of this forbidden fruit that is a projection of what we think Eros is.

I have seen it time and time again.

Eros, sexuality, sex magic and sensuality is promoted and sought for through the lens of the external gaze.

We believe and want love so bad we will do anything for it,

Tell ourselves anything in order to feel it.

Yet, it’s not a story of love, sex and magic.

It’s your LIFE.

Fuelled by the pilot light of the intelligence of Eros,  its journey of becoming self-sourced and embodying an intelligence that has been buried deep within your soul.

The goal is not mind-blowing and rip-snorting orgasms.

It’s not about finding the one.

It’s about you.

Arriving at the place where we finally get the remedy and stop this erosion so we are our own personal Jesus and beyond flesh and bone and feel the intelligence of eros reach out and touch us, move through us and be a living, breathing organism in every cell of our body.

To do this, we must first understand the evolution and life cycle of our Eros and know its power and its false power.



It is an absolute honour to do this work and one that continually leaves me in awe.

"The most worthwhile thing I’ve ever done. Changed my world from being lost, agitated and caged … to calm, content and free. And I’m still learning. Don’t be freaked out by the language. If u want to live a life free from constraints then do this internship. I guarantee you won’t regret it. I am finally happy."  Kate


A Care-Pack will be sent to partners, lovers or your special someone that will teach them how to support you through this journey both emotionally, logistically and practically. We want your people to enjoy this journey as well and you know you will be supported throughout. This will enhance and improve your relationships forever!

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"It went beyond all


Soak up what others have experienced at the School Of Somatic Kink- 

“Thank you Renee for bringing me home to my Intuitive Dominatrix and all the other parts of me who have been disconnected and a little lost in the world.

Through the internship, I was able to tap into all the parts of me, the light and most importantly the dark that together came together like liquid gold seeping through every cell in my body resulting in a deep sense of ‘Coming Home to Me’.

If you have the tiny whisper, nudge or call to work with Renee and join the Internship, don’t repress it any longer.

This experience has been life-changing for me on so many levels and this body of work has allowed me to grow, develop and expand in ways I couldn’t have ever imagined.

Renee has a beautiful way of mixing theory and intuitive guidance, holding a sacred safe space for you to explore in whatever way works best for you with a sense of freedom but always feeling deeply held.” 


“I honestly had no idea what I signed up for, it just felt right! If I had any expectations we exceeded every single one. Being a part of the Intuitive Dominatrix,

I feel like I've been embodying the archetypes daily, which has completely broken down the last remnants of BS that I was holding onto. I feel reborn, alive and as though I have completely risen in WHO I BE in every sense of the word.

Its awakened parts of me that I'd completely forgotten were present within, I feel whole.

Thank you Renee for being part of our circle every week reminded me to give to myself first, to be present to all of us and even when I resisted I knew it was what I really needed at my core.” 


“I had this feeling Renee was going to put me through the washing machine and wring me out to dry lol. And that is what she did, in the most loving and supportive way, having me feel completely held the entire way through.

She helped me pull apart the beliefs I had on autopilot that was holding me back and causing me mental and physical pain. I have completely let go of the stuff that was in my way. I no longer feel incomplete or that I need to achieve something or be something to be complete.

I learnt to make peace with where I am, and enjoy the deliciousness of each and every moment. I feel like all parts of me have now been heard, and with that, I feel a gentle softness and I feel whole.

I highly recommend Renee and her Internship. It will rock your world in the best possible way.”


Ten Modules.

  • Sharpening & Understanding Intuitive Intelligence™

  • Understanding Sacred & Unconscious Kink

  • Somatic Processing

  • The Language of your soul

  • Worksheets

  • Meditations and processes to support you




  • Group Support

  • Voxer support- optional extra

  • Private Sessions- optional extra- limited availability

OPTIONAL BUNDLE- Self-study Intuitive Dominatrix Internship.

Copy of Copy of There is a remembrance in our journey to back to self, A moment where ever
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Do I need to attend every Temple?

Ideally yes, but life happens and so if you miss a Temple you must watch/do the Temple before the next one. Each Temple builds upon that next so this way you can receive the full learning, experience and integration.

Due to the potency of the Internship, it’s not uncommon to meet resistance and that is usually when the biggest transformation occurs.


Can I upgrade my private sessions?

Yes, absolutely that is not a problem. Email and we can make that happen. You being fully supported is important to us.


How do I know if I am ready?

There are two things you could be experiencing, a hell yes or it might be a… Oh my goodness this scares me.

If it is a hell yes, you’re probably not reading this and already signed up!

If the feeling both excites and scares you, that is a good thing… a great thing. You heard the call and followed that whisper, the expansion and unfolding has already begun.

Will this push you!

Will you feel uncomfortable at times, yep!

And it will be all worth it. That part of your brain might be saying, you don’t have the time, not right now or whatever… but your heart knows, your soul knows.

This is a deep honouring, nurturing, beautiful and powerful body of work and one you’ll remember forever.

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