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Your FREE Playbook & Pleasure Revival- Your Personalised Roadmap.

Resurrecting Intimacy
Download PDF • 5.16MB

This is YOUR Pleasure Revival- Your Personalised Roadmap.

Love and Intimacy is an inquiry into SELF.

An exploration of self.

To ditch every preconceived idea about what you think love and intimacy are and how it should look, who you think you are, what you believe in and what turns you on.

It is about no one else but you… for now 😉

Clean Slate.

Blank Canvas.

I want you dripping in your own nectar of what Intimacy feels like for you…

Even if you’re single!

I have created a FREE Playbook for you to Resurrect Intimacy, to prepare your body to feel safe in receiving and feeling pleasure.


I honestly believe that Intimacy, Pleasure and healthy relationships will change the world.

So this is my gift to you and feel free to forward this email to anyone you think might enjoy it.


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