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She remembered who she was and the game changed.




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It’s an 8-week journey into the underworld that will rewrite and reunite you with all that you are. It has been carefully designed for you to be held and supported on every level. 

  • You are surrounded by incredible women.

  • You have private sessions to support your transcendence.

  • You get access to the most extraordinary and cutting edge Mystical teachings that are usually kept secret.


It is a fusion of the realms and 23 years of experience in spirituality, kink, sensuality, consciousness and embodiment. 

Your Sacred Sovereign Self becomes a life force that ripples throughout everything you do and will end all pursuits.

This cosmic seduction interconnects all that is so you melt into life and let it move through you. Life alters as you flip the lens and drop all the beige and fully own all of whom you are as your Hedonistic Holy Human, honouring this life with an amplified hunger, ready to devour and delight the world around you.

... You have alluring confidence in speaking up and expressing what you want and are unafraid of your roar.

... You will know who you are and be unapologetic for it.

You have the option to couple it with the Somatic Kink Experience and the Internship run together side by side for the most incredible transformation.

Through the Somatic Kink Experience, we work together in private sessions to identify the hidden kinks in your subtle anatomy and subconscious that are playing out in your reality in ways that aren’t aligned with what you really want.

If you’ve been doing the work and things still aren’t happening you can bet your bottom dollar it’s the hidden kinks!

Through the Cosmic Kink Immersion, you learn ancient wisdom to alter the gaze you see the world, we work with creating sacred union within your physical body, your emotional body and your spirit body.

We meet, embody and integrate archetypes that have been dormant, suppressed and/ or shamed for a long time and reclaim them in their full power.

We play with polarity and you learn how to transcend through pleasure as we activate your eros.

This work is profound and deep, not for the faint-hearted but it will be an experience you’ll never forget.

Many have said, “It went beyond all expectations.”


If this is right for you, you’ll feel it…


You may not know why or even understand, but you’ll feel a pull. Trust that!

Become the Dominatrix of your life and a submissive to the universe!

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This is an exclusive three days of decadence that is completely tailored to you and your partner.

​This experience has SAVED relationships and deepened love in the most divine and sacred way.

It’s for you if you want to understand what it means to bring absolute sacredness and worship to every union.

  • If you’re curious to understand your erotic and kink profile.

  • If you would like to bring something new to your relationship.

  • If you enjoy a personalised and exclusive day of devotion that is tailored just for you.


You will receive-

  • A Custom Erotic Profile.

  • Personalised Toy Box to suit your profile. (we use the highest and the best quality available)

  • Learn the energy, consciousness, practicality and architecture of a Lifestyle Dom.

  • Meet your own Innate Dom.

  • Learn Sacred Worship.

  • Accommodation

  • Beautiful meals and nourishment.


We will delve into your psyche and extract the essence and flavour of your own unique Sacred Erotica.

... You be confident in how to hold play sessions and use toys in your own authentic way.

... You understand how to cultivate energy, set intentions and use your intuition during play in accordance with the highest good of all.


In this three-day immersion, you will enter into a decadent exploration to meet your own Sacred Erotica. One day with the Femme Domme and the second day with your partner.


*There is no penetration or play in this immersion.


Just outside Melbourne in an exclusive venue or travel outside of Melbourne at an extra cost.

Sound delish but you want to do it solo?






This 12-month apprenticeship was been designed to deepen your work and knowledge into becoming a Certified Practitioner of the work of the Intuitive Dominatrix and Somatic Kink and/or for your own growth, development and edge.


If you have any questions please feel free to email




All Apprentices’ will receive extensive training and practical experience in all elements of the Intuitive Dominatrix and Somatic Kink. Including the Somatic Kink Experience, the Internship, professional development, personal development, sexual and spiritual development.

This is a fierce container where you are fully supported at every stage, we go in-depth into each module and offer cutting edge education in this space.


Our key distinction in this is we identify the hidden kink in the body AND what the secondary gain is, this allows us to get to the origin and rewrite our journey with it.


  • We use the Intuitive Intelligence model which is the worlds leading Intuition education.

  • We work on all five bodies- the emotional, mental, energy, physical and spirit body.

  • You learn how to transcend through pleasure and not suffering.

  • You become this work.

  • You are surrounded by incredible people.





You are in for an amazing experience and we are deeply honoured to be sharing this with you, we are going to go on a journey to identify your unconscious and hidden kinks that are stored in your body and causing misalignment and potentially quiet havoc in your life.

This is a powerful experience whereby we work on all layers of your consciousness as well as all five bodies- the mental, emotional, energy, physical and spirit so we have an opportunity for an incredible transformation.

Know that whatever comes up may or may not make sense to the logical mind and it doesn’t have to, if it’s playing out unconsciously we want to speak to that mind, not the logical one.

These sessions are non-touch and an alternative to natural health and wellness options.

It’s pretty spectacular and extremely powerful.

This can be done as a once-off or as the beginning of a series of work we do together.

Trust your readiness and openness to this experience and honour the Mystery.

 It is powerful and potent.

It’s for you if-

  • You’re feeling blocked or stuck and can’t seem to get back on track.

  • You have past trauma that you feel ready to rewire.

  • You want your mojo back!

  • You've got shit you want to move

  • You have a history of abuse and you’re ready to step into your full power.

  • You have fear stored in your body and mind.

  • You’re feeling something is “off” in your emotional health, you’re physical body and/ or spiritual well-being.

  • You have big work coming up and you want to be on top of your game and not let anything stand in your way.

  • You feel called to delve deeper into your evolution and expansion.

  • Maybe you have no idea and you just feel called to do this!


Some housekeeping to ensure you have an incredible experience.

  1. Select a time when you won’t be disturbed.

    2. Have to water with you.

    3. Tissues. (optional, but can be handy)

    4. Make sure your phone is on silent.

    5. You have a secure internet connection and headphones.

    Please read the disclaimer for your reference and permission.


2 Hour session is $397.


   (If you do not receive an email with a Zoom link please check your spam folder and if it’s not there email                 

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