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Hedonistic Holy and Human- a book about pleasure and intimacy.
Hedonistic Holy and Human by Renee Mayne

Living life as a Hedonistic Holy Human is about shattering all the rules.

Questioning all of it.

I am determined to smash all of it... I believe we all are.

I will not be a statistic.

I chose to rewrite all of it.

I don’t have to work “hard” and hustle to build wealth.

I don’t have to be my children’s “parent” and not their friend.

I don’t have to be submissive in my life or union with my partner.

… Unless I choose too.

... We get to choose.


All. The. Way.

In a client session we entered the quantum field WITHOUT entering into an altered state of consciousness.

I performed my service as a Priestess without changing her state.

It is one thing to be vibing so high and cultivating high frequencies in an altered state of consciousness, co-creating, listening, reprogramming, meditating and embodiment. (They have their place don’t get me wrong)

It’s another thing to inject this into real-life moments, even when you’re in survival…

THIS is the work of an Intuitive Dominatrix and Somatic Kink!

THIS is what I teach my inside the work because anyone can be a blissed out- zen- ultra spiritual- mastering the shit out of my practice Goddess.

It’s another to inhabit Heaven no matter where you’re standing.

Hedonistic Holy Human.


Yep, inside the book is deep vulnerability, it's my story, it's where my story meets your story and we create a new path together.

It is a life altering 62,045 words.

The synopsis...

A captivating and integrative read that follows a girl who was beaten, broken, and lost as she fought for a life that was far from the one she was living. She pushes every edge and sets about to dismantle everything she knows to find her way to the top as the Madam of the School of Somatic Kink.

Her experience with domestic violence propelled Renee into a body of work that she created to disrupt the Spiritual and entrepreneurial industries that profit billions off people’s unhappiness. She challenges the status quo with every breath, she challenges the status quo and passionately seeks to normalize the stigmatized and taboo.

With a reputation as the Marie Antoinette of Spirituality, self-help and sexual wellness she brings forth cutting-edge teachings that cut through and pierce the system that keeps us small and pushed into submission. She is on a tenacious mission to restore wholeness to being Hedonistic Holy and Human, by calling out the patriarchal colonial religion and offering a new gaze for us to see the world.

It's a fierce and refreshing unraveling of truths that will have you questioning everything you think you know and have been told about life, spirituality, sex, sin and pleasure.

A story of truth, triumph, torture, and tenacity that will light a fire you didn’t even know you had.

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