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We're not interested in any world, belief or teaching that suggests women have to be solely soft, sweet and nourishing.

We're not interested in hearing how a woman should behave to accommodate men and be kind to them.

We're not interested in a man telling us how to "be more feminine" or "what men want in a woman", we don't exist for them and how TF do they know?

We don’t fking care.

If you feel this, stick around and get comfy because this is for you!


Meditating Hand Gesture

Karma  is  NOT  about  punishment  it  is  about  TRUTH  and  we create  “good”  Karma  or  “bad”  Karma  based  upon  the permission  we  give  ourselves  to  LIVE  our  truth  completely uninhibited,  unhinged  and  unadulterated.

“To know the difference between Karma that arises from ignorance and delusion which is called taṇhā – craving – and desire that arises from wisdom and intelligence which is fundamental to any progress.

Pleasure without oppressing others is vital to our happiness."


"The most worthwhile thing I’ve ever done. Changed my world from being lost, agitated and caged … to calm, content and free. And I’m still learning. Don’t be freaked out by the language. If u want to live a life free from constraints then do this Experience. I guarantee you won’t regret it. I am finally happy."  Kate

Want to sink your teeth into what’s real?


To melt into the mystery 


To make love to the moment 


To FK the man 


To be a force to be reckoned with 


To feel calm and easeful


To take all that they said you could and should do and FK it hard and do it anyway. 


To be the master of your own domain 


To be YOURSELF and not who you think you have to be based on everyone else’s ideas, expectations and biases. 


To carve out your own piece of utopia without selling your soul. 


To relax, have fun and bring back the spark of playful! 


To be wild and gentle. 


Fierce and grace. 


Spicy and freakishly amazing at doing you unabashedly unassuming and unapologetically. 



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Right now we NEED to empower women because this is the only thing that will restore balance and dismantle social injustice.

Everything that is happening right now in the world is a feminist issue and the result of suppression and inequality.

What we are seeing is disgruntled patriarchal frameworks using violence and sexual abuse amongst women to continue to deprive innocent people of basic human rights.

This is where we raise.

If we can’t create equality from our own privileged world how can we do it on a worldwide scale?

Now I don’t want to get all antsy and controversial, but WE MATTER.

And while this might seem like a totally separate thing, I promise you it is not.

This a Reclamation for all Women and it starts with YOU and I.

Let's do this together,

It’s the only way.

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reclaiming woman.jpg
It is an Archetypal Journey that will have you frothing at the mouth, completely gobsmacke


By rewriting the KARMA in our body.

In our lineage.

We reclaim the parts of us that were stolen,

❌ That we were told was wrong

❌ Unsavory

❌ Ugly

❌ Messy

❌ Sin

❌ Unfavorable

❌ Un Ladylike

There is BEAUTY in those parts that are so bloody Divine, Magical and Powerful, that’s why they were taken.

It is my intention and mission for me to show you so you can see for yourself, it is shake-your-head-bewilderingly- profoundly- awe-inspiring.

Once you see what’s there and just how incredible it is, you will never WANT to suppress them or hide them again… they are gifts to this world… to you and we must BE THEM and set them free.

Together we are changing the lineage of Woman.






We believe that constantly healing our past keeps us in a loop station of perpetual healing and there is no room to co-create the reality and future you crave when we are constantly circling back.

So we weave our magick FORWARD.

Karma is NOT about punishment it is about TRUTH and we create “good” Karma or “bad” Karma based upon the permission we give ourselves to LIVE our truth completely uninhibited, unhinged and unadulterated.

It is at every touch point in our lives

How we connect to self, others and life determines how we feel every day, how we show up and what we achieve.

And it’s more important than we believe it to be.

This Work in its entirety and purity is the single most effective way to heal, reprogram and create our reality.

🔥 It regulates our nervous system,
🔥 It heals trauma,
🔥 It gives us clarity and opens up our intuition,
🔥 It primes our bodies so we are safe to receive,
🔥 It allows us to NOT burnout,
🔥 It injects us with vital biochemicals that allow us to be our optimal and amazing selves.

Not to mention…

💫 Restores our relationships,
💫 How we receive pleasure,
💫 Intimacy becomes a cosmic experience,
💫 We pass on love, healing, power and resilience to our children,
💫 You have full permission,
💫 You are empowered,
💫 You know yourself on a whole new level,
💫 You are hungry for life,



And ready to devour it and make love to it.

weaving magick forward, healing women.jpg

Right now we don’t understand the vastness of pleasure and how vital it is,

We have subconscious programming, fear and trauma around sex, pleasure and intimacy. (and don't even get me started on kink)

Somatically, our bodies are holding stories and causing us to feel unsafe,

We are afraid of it.

Deeply afraid of letting go and losing control.

We are so frigging exhausted and burnt out.

It just feels too hard.

Karma Soma is going to change that!



Untitled design(78).png

Like everything we do within the School, we work on all 5 bodies in what we can the worship of the balance of the Erotic Body or Erotic Consciousness.

There is a touch point for all 5 bodies inside each Temple. (mind, emotional, energy, spirit and physical)

There is a medicine journey and integration via an altered state of consciousness where we embody each archetype using Sensual Somatics.

You are held and supported deeply as we are a trauma-informed school and you feeling safe is everything to us.

ANDDDDDD we are introducing 5 NEW EPIC AF Archetypes that will blow your mind and have you feeling incredible.





What people think about us is none of OUR BUSINESS.

We cannot control it and they will say whatever they want and are already probably saying it now… let’s just be honest, are they the people you want in your life if they don’t love, you, support, you and see you for all that you are?

… I didn’t think so.




Women who pride themselves on being connected to self and "knowing better" are exhausted and experiencing turbulent times within their workplaces and relationships, not because they are being guided to go it alone and be single necessarily, but because they are being called to untangle themselves from the colonial patriarchal religion. (sometimes that gets confused)

Operating from trauma loops and unconscious kink whereby they have lost their connection to their true sexual power,

The pendulum is swinging and instead of feeling more liberated and free, we feel more pressure to be everything.

Women are in unhappy relationships, they have an endless to-do list, they think they are the problem, and they are outsourcing their power everywhere and falling into the same bullshit egos that they are trying to run away from.

The structures and narratives are the same just prettier words and less obvious, yet the undercurrent is colonial patriarchal religion. They constantly feel like the weight of the world is on their shoulders to lead change for the next-gen and always looking for a better version of themselves and still having the energy to fuck their partner at night.



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 lifeless woman.jpg

Numbers continue to climb, there are fewer couples having kids because we have become so skewed  by the desire to live a life of freedom without kids, modelling to them that parenting is exhausting when in actuality our warped perception of what a successful life looks like is,  

If we continue to undervalue pleasure, demonise kink and suppress sexuality we are creating unhealthy addictions, relationships and over-curious children that will explore them in a toxic way.

Pleasure is the only thing that releases the biochemicals we need to regulate ourselves and create equilibrium and homeostasis in the body.

We can teach the next gen how to co-create their lives, find rapture in reality and live a rich and nourished life. It will create not only healthy relationships but deeply intimate relationships, increase our ability to connect with others in a meaningful way and finally move forward with synarchy.  

There is so much beauty, pleasure, fun and love to be had and shared, yet we rush through life, disassociate from it, undervalue it and don't feel like we're enough, constantly wanting to be somewhere else and to be someone else. While being sceptical of people and looking for things and reasons as to why the world is stopping us from doing what we really want to do.   

We can never really be all we can be when we are always doubting, searching and feeling bogged down by the weight of the world and the responsibility of being everything to everyone. We are here for such a finite time, we can fill it with love, transpersonal pleasure and connection or we can fill it with aggression, hate and blame.

Living hedonistic holy and human reminds us of that and we choose it every day and in every action.  



broken relationships icon.jpg
disconnected, sad and empty.jpg

You're unable to speak your needs within your relationship

You’re feeling
disconnected &

You’re tired of
up & down
all the time.

tired magic.jpg
broken world.jpg
disconnected woman.jpg

You’re raging
the machine

You feel magical
sometimes &
defeated the next.

You have a sense that the
world is FKED &
you don’t know
what to do or
where to begin.


Lacking purpose,
a zest for life & desperately want equality.

sad little girl.jpg
broken womb.jpg

desensitised &
disconnected from
your yoni.

woman happy and in love.jpg

You are deeply connected to your womb and love ritual and you want to be a space to roll around, soak up and marinate in the juice.

You know you have childhood trauma.





🔥 5 Live Virtual Temples

🔥 5 Feminine Principles

🔥 Sensual Somatics

🔥 Integration

🔥 Archetypal Education & Origin Story of 5 STUNNINGLY Edgy Feminine Archetypes.

🔥 Emotional Healing from each archetype

🔥 Karmic Healing and Alchemy

All the integration support you need including-

💎 Custom hypnotic tracks
💎 Somatic processing

💎 Partner Care Pack to guide your partner or support person in how to support and hold space for you
💎 Heavily Discounted Private Sessions if desired/ needed (to be done within the time frame of Karma Som

VALUE $3,076.


We have a SLIDING SCALE PAYMENT to accommodate where everyone is in the current financial reality and trust that you will self-assess and do what is right for you and the Work.

Recommended Investment- $700


We honour your genuine self-appraisal for the option you choose.


7:30pm AEST recordings available.

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Hi, I'm Renée Mayne

A freakishly gifted visionary who is determined to not just change the game but blow the fker up.

Madam of the School Of Somatic Kink.
The author of Hedonistic Holy and Human, a Master Practitioner of Sensual Somatic Therapy, Kink Dynamics, Hermeticism and Intuition.

They called me crazy, but I did anyway.

They thought my ethos was self-indulgent and shallow.
Until they discovered I was actually rewriting the lineage of Woman and creating equality. When a woman reclaims her Pleasure she reclaims her place in the world.
I created a school that has changed the way women live, see themselves and show up in the world.
Responsible for empowering women's rights, inclusion and equality worldwide.

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