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For coaches, energy workers and healers to amplify their work and be highly skilled and well-equipped to serve their clients using a modality that is exemplary in every way.




Somatic Kink Practitioner Training...

We’re not here to play the healing game, we’re here to obliterate it.

Become a Certified Somatic Kink Practitioner and become so super fulfilling in the service you offer the world as you change lives and feel totally juiced for it. It is the leading cutting-edge accredited training in the evolution of Eros, Kink psychology, sexual well-being healing and spiritual health.

The most cutting-edge healing modality and contemporary therapy are based around true aliveness, breathtaking transformation and pleasure.
For coaches, energy workers and healers to amplify their work and be highly skilled and well-equipped to serve their clients using a modality that is exemplary in every way.

- You were born with a deep knowing you were here to serve,

- To make a mark and leave it a better place for being in it,

- You have a deep yearning for equality and to express yourself fully,

- You are tired of the spiritual matrix and the marketplace it has become a commodity.

- You want to become a Practitioner of the finest, the best and most honest modality out there,

- You demand deep work


We are a socially conscious and responsible School dedicated to creating social change by normalising and regulating hedonism, kink and Eros. We run on the gnosis of ancient wisdom and the science of intuition.

We are here for sustainable and sovereign stasis. It is-

🔥Profound work
🔥Work that brings deep pleasure
🔥Work that truly empowers and creates sovereign beings
🔥To heal intergenerational trauma
🔥To rewrite narratives
🔥Save relationships
🔥Save themselves

This work is deeply transformative where you become highly skilled in working on all five bodies in a healing modality and alternative therapy that alters lives, starting with your own. (and it carries a seal of excellence with the International Institute of Contemporary Therapy)

It can work in conjunction with other modalities or as a stand-alone.

You have complete freedom and sovereignty as a Somatic Kink Practitioner as we guide you to make it your own as per your soul mission.

If you are someone who loves to dive deep, powerful and you aren’t afraid to go there,

Wants something that is truly remarkable where you see change happen before your eyes,

Thorough and extensive teachings,

Be held intimately and firmly in containers and not get lost in what’s on trend, all the BS and constant excavation of healing,

Truly empower yourself and your clients to live their best life without buying into the jargon and rules this is for you.

We are here to blow up the scale of consciousness and anything that promotes false power and a hierarchy of anything.

The Somatic Kink Practitioner Training offers extensive, well-rounded and intimate teaching excellence that carries a seal of excellence with the International Institute of Contemporary Therapy, (IICT).

This is medicine for all five bodies- mental, physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual.

We are an island that sits on its own regarding embodiment, somatic therapy, spirituality, healing, consciousness and intuition.

You don’t just learn this work, you become it.

And we are dedicated to you every step of the way and are here to support you personally and professionally to become an extraordinary Practitioner who is equipped to make their mark in the world.

A 12-month certification to become a Somatic Kink Practitioner.


You will learn and become-

💦 A facilitator in the Cosmic Kink Immersion a group experience.

💦  A Somatic Kink Practitioner, powerful one-on-one sessions.

This is supported by the foundational syllabus-

👉 12 x modules that work across all five bodies; mental, physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual.

  • Erotic and sex consciousness

  • Kink and kink psychology

  • Internal mapping and processing

  • Somatic processing

  • Eros

  • Intuition

  • Hermetic Laws

  • Archetypal pedagogy

  • Soulful and heart-led professional and business development.

  • Embodiment

  • Working with energetics

👉 4 x Expert Guest Speakers

👉 A Retreat where you learn the Somatic Kink Experience.

👉 Fortnightly Q&A’s

👉 1 x One-on-one session to experience Somatic Kink

👉 The Cosmic Kink Archetypal Embodiment Immersion.

*Terms run to the Victorian school term.


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I have been working with Renée Mayne as part of her Intuitive Dominatrix Apprenticeship through her School of Somatic Kink now for the past 11 months. We have been working through a thorough curriculum that has given me a solid and extensive foundation in understanding why and how I can step into the role of a Somatic Kink Practitioner.

I feel very confident that I now have the skills, knowledge and expertise to start sharing this body of work with the public in exchange for payment because of the dedication Renée has given me both in her practical and emotional support.

Renée's teaching style is direct yet with a deep awareness of where I need support and guidance which has been an integral pathway for me to becoming a practitioner.

- Sarah

“Thank you Renee for bringing me home to my Intuitive Dominatrix and all the other parts of me who have been disconnected and a little lost in the world.
Through this journey, I was able to tap into all the parts of me, the light and most importantly the dark that came together like liquid gold seeping through every cell in my body resulting in a deep sense of ‘Coming Home to Me’.  
If you have the tiny whisper, nudge or calling to work with Renee and join the Practitioner Training, don’t repress it any longer. This experience has been life-changing for me on so many levels and this body of work has allowed me to grow, develop and expand in ways I couldn’t have ever imagined.

Renee has a beautiful way of mixing theory and intuitive guidance, holding a sacred safe space for you to explore in whatever way works best for you with a sense of freedom but always feeling deeply held.” 

- Zoe


Doing things ..


The most refreshingly real and radical School that is shaking up and normalising our relationship with pleasure, sex, Eros and spirituality.

Beyond all the dogma, rules and BS.

We represent the people who have forgotten, dismissed and lost their desire to feel deeply and have pleasure echo through their loins.

We represent the people who get overlooked and forgotten when it comes to representation in sensuality and erotism. We represent and welcome all people, gender, age, sexual orientation, colour, race, ability and size. Your representation and inclusion matter so if you have a disability and have specific requirements you need to learn this work we will do everything in our power to accommodate you.

Everyone has the right to feel sensual, sexy and decadent.

We are sovereign people who feel our feet on the floor and melt into life while moving through the worlds of the quantum field as we offer a refined, sophisticated, comprehensive and decadent array of products and services that are at the cutting edge of the epic body of work that Somatic Kink is.

Our soul/ sole intention is to awaken Aphrodite within you and you remember who you really are, without the editing, suppression, shame, guilt, stuck-ness, conformity and conditioning.

The teachings are ripe, in-depth and all-encompassing to feel life move through your veins and become Hedonistic Holy & Human in a healthy, congruent and integral way.

We’ve got you Boo.

We are fun and playful, crazy and intense, wild and free, intelligent and deeply embodied.

We bring the fusion of powerful teachings of Hermeticism, Pantheon, Archetypal Energy, Intuitive Intelligence, Eros, Embodiment and Sacred Kink.

This exploration is for you if you feel ready to take a deep dive into the underbelly of your shadow, your hidden Kinks and false power where we leave no stone unturned and hold fierce and gentle container whereby we make love to all that is taboo and suppressed and bring them into there pure and innocent power, you learn sex magick and the power of the Erotic Body.
The leading and gold standard of the science of intuition and intuitive intelligence.

Our work with embodiment happens throughout all five bodies and somatically, it moves through every fibre of your being.

Our belief if you can’t have embodiment without Eros… well you can, but it doesn’t feel anywhere near as good!

We have gone to great lengths to ensure you get the very best of Somatic Kink and the Intuitive Dominatrix. We are dedicated and built on the foundation of absolute integrity, congruence and professionalism. We offer certified teachings in an unregulated industry to ensure you are safe, nurtured and free to explore all that is you.

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