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The world is NOT conducive to us having an incredible, pleasure-centric life where we have a deep connection to our Pleasure.

Though we put it in a box that usually looks like-

  • When I get time

  • When I am in the mood

  • When I am not stressed

  • Tired

  • Exhausted

  • Depleted

  • Empty

… or when my partner isn’t driving me insane. … when the kids go to bed … get older … or because I am so busy devoting my life to serving the Divine, who has time.

It is IMPOSSIBLE to be a woman, with a constant feeling of the weight of the world is on our shoulders, to lead change, raise perfect children, be a devoted partner and a freak in the sheets so we can heal and prepare the next generation and always looking for a better version of ourselves and still having the energy to fuck our partner at night.


1. You are Over-stressed You are waiting for this perfect time when things “settle down” when really you know they never do. You feel overstretched overwhelmed and hardwired to over-achieving. Chances are you’re a pressure cooker always on the brink of going off and finding it really hard to silence the to-do list in your brain.

2. You are always tired We often confuse burning out as “life,” It’s just what happens when you have kids, work and are responsible for all the things. I can still function so I’m not burnt out, besides who has time to be burned out?

If you’re constantly tired and it’s not relieved by sleep or a weekend and you’re waiting for your holiday, you are on a one-way street BURN OUT. If you’re too tired and have stopped taking care of yourself or doing the things you love it’s time to get honest, really honest.

3. You’re Moody When we have lost all zest and motivation we can become hyper-emotional, sensitive and moody. Everything everyone does is annoying, you look in the mirror and gag while you want to poke your partner's eyes out with a fork.

4. You’re Flighty Excess stress, coupled with our inherited distrust and feeling unsafe despite all our efforts. We can’t seem to get our shit together and double down in a relationship. You want to run, keep things casual and when things get real or you hit a rough patch or they get “too good” you want to high tail out of there and will either unconsciously or subconsciously look for the exit.

5. You have Brain Fog No matter how much you journal, meditate and “do the work” you can’t seem to gain traction, desire and get clarity on anything. You’re easily distracted, wanting someone to “fix” you and probably scrolling because you’re longing for connection or the answer only to feel more disconnected and confused than ever.

If you have 2 or more of these symptoms, consider this your wake-up call to take care of yourself and your pleasure.

There are many things you can do to upgrade all areas of your life and begin to enjoy surplus Pleasure.

What if I told you that the inability to feel, accomplish, live, receive, intuit and regulate ourselves was because we are denying our bodies of VITAL biochemicals?

That every time our cells renew we are inviting in the SAME untold and unconscious bias, blame and conditioning that keep us in a loop station.

When women were silenced (murdered, raped, beaten) all those years ago we were forced into submission.

Although it was nonconsensual we now know it was to PRESERVE and PROTECT the female line, it kept us safe.

We inherited distrust and feeling unsafe from lineage and while the gag is coming off it’s been so long it’s going to take some time for us to warm up… we need to massage, be gentle and be dedicated to opening up to our Pleasure.

I find it infuriating that our Pleasure is dumbed down into this indulgent box and completely misunderstood.

The ripple effect of us opening up our Transpersonal Pleasure is VITAL for self-regulation, connection, and mental, emotional and physical health… not to mention the biochemical release we receive when we are turned into this in a non-goal-oriented way.

Today in a client we spoke about QUIET AROUSAL and building that muscle so we can detach from the addiction of high energy, explosive release that gets us on the highs and lows

If you’re ready to Resurrect and hear this wake-up call we can take the square window, the circle window or the arch window. (If you've never watched Playschool that will mean nothing to you, so click on all or follow the pull)


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