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Transpersonal Pleasure


Upping Your Initmacy & Changing The Game

Renee Mayne

Presented by Renée Mayne,
Founder of The School Of Somaitc Kink.

Hi, I'm Renée and I wanted to create something so spectacular to give you the opportunity to change the way you see and understand Pleasure.

If we don’t start to see the damage being done in our relationships it will erode more than our relationships.

When a Woman is enraptured in her womb & sex magick everybody wins, she is the link in her lineage that changes the game forever...


It is my promise to provide Spiritual Agency, Synarchy and Transpersonal Pleasure to Rebellious women who want to change the game and have deeper intimacy with themselves, others and life.

It's For You If You Don’t Just Want Success, You Want To Be Drenched In A Circle Of Congruence.


It is at every touch point in our lives… or it’s not.

How we connect to self, others and life determines how we feel every day, how we show up and what we achieve.

And it’s more important than we believe it to be.

Intimacy in its entirety and purity is the single most effective way to heal, reprogram and create our reality.

  • It regulates our nervous system,

  • It heals trauma,

  • It gives us clarity and opens up our intuition,

  • It primes our bodies so we are safe to receive,

  • It allows us to NOT burnout,

  • It injects us with vital biochemicals that allow us to be our optimal and amazing selves.


  • Restores our relationships,

  • How we receive pleasure,

  • Intimacy becomes a cosmic experience,

  • We pass on love, healing, power and resilience to our children,

  • You have full permission,

  • You are empowered,

  • You know yourself on a whole new level,

  • You are hungry for life,

  • And ready to devour it and make love to it.

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Right now we don’t understand the vastness of pleasure and how vital it is,

We have subconscious programming, fear and trauma around sex, pleasure and intimacy,

Somatically, our bodies are holding stories and causing us to feel unsafe,

We are afraid of it.

Deeply afraid of letting go and losing control.

We are so frigging exhausted and burnt out.

It just feels too hard.





Women who pride themselves on being connected to self and "knowing better" are exhausted and experiencing turbulent times within their relationships, not because they are being guided to go it alone and be single necessarily, but because they are being called to untangle themselves from the colonial patriarchal religion. (sometimes that gets confused)

Operating from trauma loops and unconscious kink whereby they have lost their connection to their true sexual power,

The pendulum is swinging and instead of feeling more liberated and free, we feel more pressure to be everything.

Women are in unhappy relationships, they think they are the problem, and they are outsourcing their power everywhere and falling into the same bullshit egos that they are trying to run away from.

The structures and narratives are the exact same just prettier words and less obvious, yet the undercurrent is colonial patriarchal religion. They constantly feel like the weight of the world is on their shoulders to lead change for the next-gen and always looking for a better version of themselves and still having the energy to fuck their husband at night.

Divorce rates, endometriosis and mental illness numbers continue to climb, there are fewer couples having kids because we have become so skewed  by the desire to live a life of freedom without kids, modelling to them that parenting is exhausting when in actuality our warped perception of what a successful life looks like is,  

If we continue to undervalue pleasure, demonise kink and suppress sexuality we are creating unhealthy addictions, relationships and over-curious children that will explore them in a toxic way.

Pleasure is the only thing that releases the biochemicals we need to regulate ourselves and create equilibrium and homeostasis in the body.

We can teach the next gen how to co-create their lives, find rapture in reality and live a rich and nourished life.
It will create not only healthy relationships but deeply intimate relationships, increase our ability to connect with others in a meaningful way and finally move forward with synarchy.  

There is so much beauty, pleasure, fun and love to be had and shared and yet we rush through life, disassociate from it, undervalue it and don't feel like we're enough, constantly wanting to be somewhere else and to be someone else.
While being sceptical of people and looking for things and reasons as to why the world is stopping us from doing what we really want to do.   

We can never really be all we can be when we are always doubting, searching and feeling bogged down by the weight of the world and the responsibility of being everything to everyone.
We are here for such a finite time, we can fill it with love, transpersonal pleasure and connection or we can fill it with aggression, hate and blame.

Living hedonistic holy and human reminds us of that and we choose it every day and in every action.  

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