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For most people, the only war we will ever face is the one inside of us.

The truth *she has been speaking to me forever, she comes through the written word although she knows no gender. She is beyond it.

You’ll notice in my spoken

word pieces and anything channeled it comes through as “she” or “woman”, this has nothing to do with being man or woman and everything to do with the part of us that we’ve forgotten.

You see she resides in all of us. She feels very wolf like for me, but for you she might be something different.

Ultimately she is Source, the Creator, God... You.

Being open to meet parts of ourselves that have been buried, suppressed, lost and forgotten is not about taking on the essence of an archetype, a frequency or an energy of someone we want to tap into.


Who are we behind all the layers, perceptions, expectations, assumptions and conformity?

My partner and I were having a conversation on the weekend about “how the girls are super close and how they can be the best of friends and enemies.”

I said, “How cool is that! Think about how safe you have to feel with someone to have the freedom to be whoever you are in that moment and know they will still love you.”

Think about it for a moment, you don’t just rage at anyone, completely lose your shit and look like an absolute mad person to just anyone.

We don’t just say the stupidest things, do silly things, laugh so hard we pee ourselves and act crazy in front of just anyone!

We don’t burst into tears and unravel in front of just anyone!

We need to feel safe, confident, held and have the freedom to be and express whatever we need at that moment.


As a parent of two teenage girls, it would really easy to just lose my shit and tell them to shut the fuck up.

…. and sometimes I do, but I also see the BEAUTY in it.

What an honour to have people in our lives that hold us and are there for us no matter what our crazy looks like.


My daughters remind me of the importance of what it means to CREATE THIS CONTAINER and give FULL PERMISSION to FULLY EXPRESS.

We water ourselves down, dilute our needs and give away our desires so we don’t make others uncomfortable…


Most people have never entered a space where we have complete freedom to do that.

For me working with archetypes is not about putting becoming a version of ourselves and taking on flavours of what society deems to be their essence.

We work with the archetypes that people are afraid of, have been running from and has been lost inside the machine for far too long.

I don’t settle for some performance piece of someone taking on the traits of a version of an archetype and giving them a medal.


I want to feel it run through their veins as it enters into mine.

We become intimate with ourselves on levels that we didn’t even know we had.

I’m not interested in tapping into a God or Goddess and taking on her flavours,

I want you to meet the ugliest parts of yourself and love them hard.

I want the narrative to be one that is beyond this narrow lens in which we are a part of,

I want you to meet the parts of yourself that have been speaking to you in your dreams your entire life.

I will not settle for anything less.

I don’t just want you to taste it, I want you to fuck it hard.

I want you to become so fierce in seeing yourself as you are in that moment.

I want the game to change.

I want to give Neo Spirituality the bird and transition into something that will make you GLOW and GET and WORSHIP and HONOUR and SUBMIT.


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