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Passion running through your veins?

I have had a long and deep journey with passion, I can get passionate about an egg or a blade of grass or anything else on any given day.

This was a lifeline that ran through my veins for decades, it kept me alive and hopeful during my darkest moments.

It’s what enabled me to get back up.

When I first started working in business 15 years ago passion filled every event space, workshop and “long copy” sales page, so much so that I stopped using it as the fuel that ran through my veins.

Lately, I have been revisiting my relationship with it as I once again feel the passion burning inside of me and I realise it feels like a lost art that no longer floods my feed nor feel from others often.

I think passion scares a lot of people, passion can be mistaken for aggression and we aren’t used to feeling and witnessing passion because it feels like it has been hidden under the radar for a while.

I want to bring it back!!!

I see passion as a vital life force.

It makes us feel ALIVE.

However, I see that people don’t always know how to handle passion or a passionate person, some people find it invigorating and permission granting, while others squirm with their eyes darting around the room.

Underneath this passion runs power and these two things as our operating system is juicy AF, I feel strongly about these two things.

We hand over our power all the time without realising it and feel we have to put a lid on our passion, but I say fuck it.

Let it burn.

Let us own it.

I am curious to know who identities as someone who carries the energy of deep passion and a power to lead?

The natural Ringleader’s?

Motivating, Compelling and Spirited.

Lean in because I am going to share with you why we couldn’t sustain passion and power and give you the magick that will revive it as we embody the evolved 3.0 version of power and passion.

With power and passion naturally comes expectations.

We carry high expectations for ourselves and others have high expectations of us.

This is why is it unsustainable, the pressure we put on ourselves is crazy.

While passion and power fuel us they also have us running on overdrive to the point where we can’t stop, we become obsessed and we feel like we have to do it all.

We burn out because we can’t regulate ourselves and surrender.

As natural a Ringleader, we don’t show our vulnerability when we’re “in it” and find it hard to allow ourselves to be supported.

This burning passion has us chasing this vision we see so clearly and we are afraid if we look away it will disappear.

Sound familiar?



  • Our destiny will always find us, rest assured.

  • That which is meant us will always find us.

  • We can rest knowing this.

Trust this.


  • There is natural order and timeline, relax.

  • The more firmly we grip on the further it is from us, allow the magic to unfold.

  • Know that whatever vision we have for ourselves, the universe has a greater one.

Trust this.


  • Sometimes the greatest power and passion is in the smallest things, the softest of touch and stillness, the magic amplifies in silence.

  • Doing things alone can be fun, but allowing ourselves to be held and supported is hot.

  • Trust people to support you and your vision, interdependence is a glorious thing.

Be this.

For epic proportions of SELF SOURCEY get your peepers on this!


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