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It is my intention here to debunk, demystify and bring forward a new paradigm in which we see and navigate the idea around the question-

Can we create our reality?

There is a lot of dogma around whether or not we can create our reality.

Most people would lean towards a hell yeah,

We have a natural desire to want to control our destiny, to know that we have full ownership of our lives.

For a long time, I believed that we could create our reality and had absolute control over what we call into our lives.

Then I noticed the perpetual consequence of this belief that is toxic.

  • We are putting our “success” in what we attract. If we don’t attract it we feel like we’ve done something wrong and we weren’t vibing high enough. *Shame enters stage left*

  • When we get sick we have done something wrong. (Apparently spiritual people shouldn’t get sick) If we haven’t found this happy life where we found love, got that sexy car and beautiful house then we’re the manifesting genius we thought we were. *Enter shame stage right*

  • We gravitate to people who have these things and want to learn what they know pushing us further and further away from any ounce of worth we might have felt.

  • Meanwhile, the shame and not-enoughness are building in our bodies and being stored somatically so the disconnect starts to happen and this is the never-ending pursuit for more.

  • We then say, “Oh but I trust, I trust that this happened for a reason and I know that the universe has my back and it’s exactly how it’s supposed to be.”

And so this perpetual consequence and cycle continue.

Until one day (hopefully) we start to question every belief we’ve ever had and every notion that we have any control…

  • We are all going to die.

  • We are all going to get pulled into the trenches and get dragged through the mud.

  • Shit will happen over and over and over again. We can’t be high all the time. (and low isn’t wrong) *drops mic*

Yet we still put weight into the things we want, the life we want to live and always thriving for peak states of being.

Do we think that this is the meaning of life?

To constantly try and be somewhere else, someone else and convince ourselves that we are grateful.

It feels completely unachievable like I will be chasing this thing for the rest of my life, meanwhile, life slips by and we’ve missed the point.

Why do we want these things anyway?

Do you want them? (Wanting them isn’t bad, not wanting isn’t bad)

Surely, there is a part of us that knows even when we attract all these things it still won’t make us happy.

Surely, we have lived enough to know that this idea that we get to this point in our lives where we feel enough, to know we are worthy, we’ve ditched the people pleaser and now we can go forth and rock out our lives in completes bollocks?

We are a constant stream of consciousness and evolution it is IMPOSSIBLE for us to get to this point, this point doesn’t even exist.

Let’s not waste another minute even giving this belief an inch of our time.

What Manifesting Is.

“A show of one’s acts or appearance”

We have lived long enough to know that things are RARELY as they appear just as how we act isn’t always a true reflection of who we are and how we’re feeling.

So is this REALLY in accordance to our soul or is it us being in our ego and head, albeit woven in with great intentions and beautiful words?

I guarantee you underneath all of it is the desire to feel complete, more capable, deeply powerful and accomplished and evidence that you’ve made it.

We win some we lose some, we get things, we lose things, it doesn’t determine our worth, power or ability to co-create.

  • Own what you want, but be honest about why you want it.

  • Know that if you’re meant to have it you will, but it doesn’t mean you’ve done something wrong, it’s not your path or maybe it’s not the right time?

  • Everything happens just as it’s supposed to, we can’t fuck this up.

  • Use it as a chance to delve into your kink around your belief or how your body is storing this thing you’re trying to attract? That’s what we work with, that’s the inquiry right there.

The Miracle

A miracle arrives at the point it can be received.” ACIM.

Miracles find us all the time in all moments and they will arrive in a way that we can receive them according to what our evolution requires at that point.

That might be on your vision board or it might not be.

It might look like getting sick for you to rest and be still.

It might look like getting that house you wanted.

It might be heart-wrenching grief.

There is beauty in the beautiful and the brutal.

The miracle doesn’t see it as good or bad, hard or easy, it is just the miracle arriving at the point it can be received.

No judgement ever.


We can summon whatever we like and it will arrive if it is per our soul’s evolution.

The magic is not in the summoning, it’s in you.

You becoming at one with the ritual, the surrendering, the offering and the magic.

It’s you first, otherwise, it’s just outsourcing of power and we’re feeding that perpetual consequence.

The summoning is an in-body experience, that is the magic, it’s God moving through you as the current of is-ness.

This current is everything and all we have to do is know it run through us at all times and we just need to allow it in over and over and over again.

You’ll notice there is a sense of aliveness when we’re in this state of consciousness and when we bring it to all moments the miracle happens in a way that we can behold it and not gloss over it like just another coincidence.


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