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We don't have to be at the mercy of our spirituality or intuitive gifts.

I ventured into personal development and spirituality 24 years ago because I was determined to stop the cycle of abuse and create a new life for myself.

Very soon I was devouring every book I could get my hands on, going to workshops, events and courses. It didn’t take long to change my life once I committed to it and I found people who were as committed to spirituality as I was, often people who seek this path are trying to outrun their past and their demons.

Once you begin to open up to spirituality you are in control of your life... and maybe we’re not or don’t have to be a victim to our reality and the life that is presented to us, it gives us hope and after a lifetime of abuse, hope is sweet relief.

As we heal we realise that we are capable of so much more than we give ourselves credit for,  our intuition begins to expand and so does our ability to walk between worlds. It is extremely seductive and after feeling out of control for so long it feels empowering to be able to manipulate reality into whatever we feel it should be…

Once you open Pandora's box into your spirituality you don’t know what will be revealed to you and you have to prepare yourself for anything and everything.

  • Seeing things that other people can’t see

  • Energy

  • Colours

  • Futures

  • Past

  • Dead people

  • Otherworldly things that most people would call insane

  • Entities invading your body without consent

Anything can happen, it’s the spiritual Wild West.

It is completely unregulated and people think it’s OK to unleash anything on you, to venture into your psyche and past lives and change it.

I put faith in people and things because I thought they had more power and capabilities than I did,  put my choices, and my future into the palms of other people.

Until I arrived at a point where I started to question it, I had been living, studying and teaching the Universal Laws for many years and begun to see how I wasn’t living in alignment or integrity with them.

How can any one person or thing know better than me?

Surely our happiness, lives and livelihood aren’t rested upon the moon, the stars or other people?

All of a sudden it didn’t make sense.

How can a card or a pendulum know what I need more than me?

I realised it was another form of co-dependence and the residue of abuse.

After being in the space for so long I realise that most people are largely both of those things even if they don’t realise it.


We live within an abusive world, we have abusive structures, and the world thrives on codependency and we call it growth and evolution.

It’s the ripple effect of colonisation.

We cannot avoid experiencing harm from it no matter who we are, what we believe in or where we live.

This needed to change, I began to have a very different relationship with my spirituality and began to change the way I see myself within it.

What if, I was front and centre of it and was the vessel for creating a much more loving, powerful and impactful spirituality that was conducive to mutual benefit and benevolence to all?

When I delved into sexuality it allowed me to have a spiritual experience in my body.

For so long spirituality was “out there”, always outside of myself,

Now it is firmly within,

Pleasure opens up our self-worth and confidence,

When those two things are thriving our floodgates open and we become more grounded in our spirituality.

Spirituality has no rules,

No requirements,

It is determined by our willingness to have a well-rounded relationship with ourselves.

Everything is born from darkness, we need to start there.

For a long time, I felt like I had no control over my spirituality or intuition and changing that has been the best thing I have ever done.

A big element to what we practice, live and teach is being Holy and Human so we need to function in the world for us to live by that.


KEY #1

Tuning into and building a solid connection with your soma (your body) to listen to your body’s intelligence.

Spirituality is an in-body experience and intuition is not something we access it’s something we are and that happens through the body.

It allows us to anchor and ground ourselves in that truth so we can easily tune into and engage in all moments. Living beyond the mind allows us to have a very different experience with life and with ourselves.

When we go beyond logic we open ourselves up to all possibilities and layers of consciousness that don’t have ulterior motives, rules and dictation. We are humbled by the warm embrace of all that is where all the answers reside and no questions need to be asked.

Entering into the void, the quantum, that dark space without agenda, manipulation or demands.

KEY #2

What are you available for and not available for?

Simply deciding may seem a little too easy, but it is that simple.

I made a decision I am no longer willing to be blindsided or side-swiped by entities, intuition or spirituality. I no longer partake in the belief that there are psyche attacks and I am not available for mediumship. If this is your jam then go for it, I have no issue with it, it’s just not right for me.  

While intuition is.. well my everything, I don’t do psychic readings, again nothing against it, I’m just not interested in "will he marry me, does he love my type of deal" I love to go deep and that’s where my genius is so that’s what I specialise in.

I do intuitive readings, however, they are based on what is alive in your field, they are deep and not on the questions or musings of the mind, instead, what is beyond it.

KEY #3

This is everything AND as soon as it becomes something on your to-do list, change it up.

Every morning devote time to cultivating energy, and pleasure and connecting with your soma, this can be-





EFT tapping



Bare feet on the earth


Self Pleasure

… anything really, there are no rules here just whatever it takes to get you out of the mind and into the body, connecting into that thing that is bigger than all of us and zooming out.

Commit to doing these three things and you’ll notice a difference in no time.


Don’t follow or buy into any rigid beliefs, be open, be fluid and ask yourself, does this feel right for me?


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