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It is the hidden kinks in our subtle anatomy, our body and sub-conscious that are playing out in our reality in ways that aren’t aligned with what we really want.

Everyone has them and they are birthplace of everything we identify with and attach ourselves too and we secretly get off on them, there is secondary gain that we are completely unaware of.

This parallel that runs through our lives and if left unconscious can cause havoc in our lives to the point where we feel numb to it, lost in it, foreign in it and completely controlled by it.

Through the Somatic Kink experience we work together along side the Intuitive Dominatrix Internship to identify the hidden kinks in your subtle anatomy and sub-conscious that are playing out in your life.

If you think of your body as a library of memories, moments and information that stores unhealed and unmet trauma that creates patterns of behaviour and outcomes that you can’t seem to outrun. It runs completely independent from the mind, that’s why we often “know” something but still “feel” something different.

In my training as a certified Dominatrix it became very clear to me the correlation between kink and my work as an Intuitive Intelligence Trainer.

Thus the Somatic Kink experience was born.

Examples of unconscious and somatic kink.

Abusive relationships-

  1. Getting off on the drama

  2. Getting off on the secret life.

  3. Getting off on being controlled.

  4. Getting off on the extreme attention.

Being Unique-

  1. Getting off on being different, even when it hurts or isolates.

  2. Getting off on the attention.

Being seen-

  1. Getting off on attention and being seen- any attention is better than no attention. (Kids do this all the time.)

The overweight guy who has to be funny or a clown- anyone who masks their behaviour to hide something about themselves. Even smiling and laughing- think the distraction.


  1. Getting off on scarcity.

  2. Enjoying how far you can stretch a dollar can even contribute to this.


  1. Attention

  2. Being seen.

  3. Being unique

  4. Avoidance

The objective- to realise it, hear it, bring it to the surface and play with it… as you would any kink. Find joy in it, find pleasure in the how crazy it is and forgive yourself- constantly.

For pleasure we use the Law of Polarity and play to caress the edges of what that desire and hidden kink is, we do this within the Internship.

For joy we use the Law Of Truth to dance with how we perceive and find joy, this is also a module within the Internship.

We reclaim that part of ourselves that has shamed this part of ourselves by working with archetypes.

For forgiveness use Ho’pono pono-

I am sorry

Please forgive me

Thank you

I love you.

If you’ve been doing the work and things still aren’t happening you can bet your bottom dollar it’s the hidden kinks!


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