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Eyes Wide Open is at the heart of those who enjoy visual kink and BDSM play, as society we like to watch. I’ve not seen a kink profile that doesn’t have voyeurism in the top 10.

Visual play is not just about watching though it’s about visual stimulation and arousal, so you don’t want to put a blindfold on during visual play because you want to enhance the visual sensation not deprive it, unless you’re punishing a submissive than that’s another story.

It can range from fetish dress ups to shibari or rope play and anything in between, you want too see it all happen and take in every single moment, so take it slow and move to precision, poise and prowess.

First you’ll want to know what flavor of visual play wants to be explored and is being fanastised about… is it lingerie or dress ups, is it harnesses or ropes, it is was on the body, is it the marks left after bondage?

Here are some toys you’ll want to invest in…


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