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Sexuality Secrets To Empower Women

A woman’s sexuality has been stolen from her and sold back to her in distorted lies, half-truths and robbed Woman of what is rightfully hers…

Her God Damn Power.

Feeling “sexy” has nothing to do with sex and everything to do with her feeling incredible,

Knowing she is worthy,

Feeling alive, and fierce and she knows what she wants and what she doesn’t.

A woman in her sexual power cannot be messed with…

Yeah… no wonder it was stolen for us.

We bought into the lie.

Good girls shouldn’t want too much sex,

She shouldn’t slept around,

She shouldn’t behave that way,

She shouldn’t talk about it,

We all know the consequences if we did…

A woman who reclaims her Pleasure reclaims her place in the world.

She will rock the boardroom and the bedroom…

Fuck them hard. fast, slow, wild, gentle… whatever, however, you want to.

Full permission.

I didn’t fully know myself until I claimed this part of me,

Before them, I was a people-pleasing-over-giving- doormat.

Sure, I had a smile on my face and everyone thought I was happy,

Hell, I thought I was!

Something was always missing and had all the things the world says you should have,





I was still searching,

Living a life completely unfulfilled and always wanting more, nothing was enough.

It wasn’t more “sex” that I wanted, it was the aliveness, the deep connection to self, to feel rock solid in who I am and what I want.

I met all of me…

And it had nothing to do with having the perfect body,

Or maintaining a standard of beauty and YOUTH that made me attractive.

It was claiming what was mine and everything I thought was wrong, taboo and ugly.

When you begin to explore your sexuality and sexual power you don’t “need” a man or a partner, (you might want one, but that is a very different thing)

You don’t feel so wobbly, fragile or incomplete.

Everything we’ve been fed is colonial culture and it is just not true, we have such a beautiful relationship with ourselves when we dive into this work and it is the most empowering thing we can do for ourselves.

So, here are your 5 Tips Revealing How You Can Reclaim Your Sexuality & Sexual Power.

#1 Sexy is NEVER in how you look.

It’s not the clothes you wear

How you do your makeup

How you act

… It’s never anything outside of yourself.

#2 Sexy is energy and it’s something you can cultivate.

From the inside out.

It’s an inside job that is within all of us and it has no rules, ideals or stereotypes.

#3 Sexy is not performance.

We are not on show.

We have nothing to prove.

We are not puppets.

#4 Sexy is a state of mind

Slow down and breathe,

Remember who the FK you are,

Feel HER ripple through your veins,

You’ll find her there,

She is in every fibre of your being.

Because you are fking glorious.

#5 Exit The OLD

Anything else and it’s not the Sexy we want to subscribe to because will contort us, shrink us and have us thinking we have to look a certain way, say certain things and act in a certain way… that version of us is dead.

We are bringing Sexy back and reclaiming it for what it was always meant to be.

Us being an uninhibited, unadulterated expression of Love.


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