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It’s one of the most common and loved form of kink and BSDM play.

When we move beyond “vanilla” intimacy sensory play is a great way to begin your journey with kink and it doesn’t feel too “out there” or extreme.

It doesn’t matter which Kink Profile you are, sensory play will have something for you to enjoy.

Why Play At All?

Why not…

It’s something we are all curious about because we all have a natural, innate desire to feel arousal, remember we are animals. BDAM and kink play brings is an exploration and connection to self and your lover on a much deeper level.

What’s awesome about Sensory Play is we deprive a sense to heighten another one and as we move through all the senses everything becomes heightened and when our senses are heightened we FEEL MORE.

If you’re looking to spice things up and create a sacred connection between you and your lover this is something you might want to do.

An increase in arousal and orgasms reduces stress and anxiety, increases happiness and worth as well as having many health benefits… and it’s fun!

What Toys Are Great For Sensory Play?


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