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This is a no-bull-shit year.

It is VERY cut and dry,

Maybe you’ve felt it already.

There is a matter-of-fact vibe that is undeniable.

Not so much grey,

You will know when something feels right and when it doesn’t.

Things that you’ve been tolerating, you will no longer tolerate.

Relationships will crumble or thrive- Love them or leave them.

Money, if you’re not getting paid for the work you put in and do, it will no longer feel acceptable to you and you will be ready to ditch, pivot, change or double down on your income stream.

Friendships, if it’s too hard and it doesn’t feel you’re vibing it will begin to shake you to a point where you know it’s time to walk away.

Health, less worrying and guilt and more nourishment from a place of love. You’ll notice you will know what feels right in your body and what doesn’t, less desire to follow what’s on trend because you know yourself better.

You will feel less tolerant of wank and bull shit and be able to see the truth in someone’s heart- you will see, feel and know when someone is incongruent and not aligned with the persona they show the world.

You will care more about accountability and less about softening and putting up with toxic beliefs, behaviours and people.

The people you pedestal and look up to, be prepared to see them through a new lens- some you will love even more and others you will see for who they really are and you can’t unsee it.

Less diluting.

This is a no-bull-shit year.

And this is a beautiful thing.

Trust it, because the truth is we have been putting up with too much for too long and putting our admiration in the wrong people.

Anything that isn’t a genuine two-way mutual love, respect and connection will feel like it’s rotting your core.

Agenda and false personas you will be repulsed by.


Do not seek higher states of being, emotions or consciousness, learn how to activate them in your body during ALL MOMENTS, the key is in the body. No more out there and it’s all about IN.

The key to honouring this no bull shit filter is to be anchored in PLEASURE- not false bull shit pleasure, but deep within bones and cellular memory of your ancient roots pleasure where YOU are firmly in the centre of your world and seeing it with crystal clear lens- like NEVER before.

IN THEME of this year I am keeping my service and offering as NO FLUFF, NO WANK and cutting straight the core of what you need. To do this properly requires you and me one on one in a completely intimate container whereby you are fully supported by me.

There will be very few spaces available some have already gone, contact me and we can begin to chat about what it is you need from me right now.


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