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The Relationship with your Higher Self doesn’t have rules,

Just like there is no time and space,

This connection is infinite,

There are no requirements,

No Spiritual Olympics you need to go through to prove yourself worthy,

No amount of greens smoothies is going to bring you closer to God.

Just like beauty,

Just like feeling sexy, lush and sensual.

The essence and allowance of our magick to run through our veins determines it for us,

The magick we ooze is based on the current that travels through our bodies.

The New Era of connection is based on our ability to take the exit ramp off the spirituality that is rooted in colonial culture and embrace the cloak of colour, nuance and paradoxical nutrients whereby we are the masters of our own domain.

Here are 5 Ways To Activate Your Intuition and Pleasure

Activating your Eros (your sensual,
erotic love and life force)
is about melting into life and feeling decadent in all of it.

Why is this even important?
I learned this the hard way and chances are you have as well...

With a history of family and domestic violence, sexual abuse and a ton of grief... and thus copious amounts of sh!t to work through.

When my world turned upside down I thought this life was impossible, I was deluding myself... who I am to think that I could do something amazing in this life, no money, beaten, bruised and broken.

I come from a lineage of abuse, and mental illness and talked my Mother off the edge more times than I care to admit.

At 21 I felt like I had lived a thousand lives.

We all have moments in our lives where we are knocked off our feet and heartbreak is unavoidable. One day, I woke up and I was empty,

I had nothing in me.

I had a super successful business, a loving partner, two kids and all the things

that society says we need to be happy.


This was a dark time and I honestly thought I was going to die, and in many ways I did. There was a little whisper inside me that told me to self-pleasure and listen to the universe.

That’s what I did.

I didn’t know who I was when I didn’t need anyone or anything and they didn’t need me!!!

Seriously, ponder this question... It’s a cracker and it’s one that stumped me because I was a chronic people-pleaser.

It started up a dialogue that was unfiltered, pure and wise. I realised that when we don’t allow hedonism or pleasure into our lives it is not sustainable and we’re missing the point.

Cultivating hedonism or what I now call erotic consciousness became the first thing on my to-do list every day.

So, here are my 5 ways to activate your Eros, your erotic consciousness and hedonism in every cell of your body.

When we do this, we inhabit heaven no matter where we are standing and what’s going on around us.

We can’t avoid life, but we can learn how to suck the marrow out of it and feel delicious in it.

You’ll open up opportunities you didn’t even know were available to you.
Your intuition is on point and super strong.

You feel fulfilled and content in your life.
You’ll have more intense orgasms. It’s the end of all “pursuits”


There is a hidden kink running throughout every area of your life, an invisible thread that holds wisdom that is waiting for you.

All it requires is for you to be really honest with yourself.

Every single person has a “kink profile” it is unavoidable and innate in all of us, so making friends with this hidden kink is important. As soon as we do, it no longer has a hold of us and we shift into juicier energy.

We give it airtime and the kink no longer gets off on it.

Think of it like a kinky little devil that sits in your subconscious mind that has been running havoc and you are completely unaware of it.

Your kink is not only in your subconscious mind, it’s stored in your body, like a library of history books that hold all the evidence that confirms your innermost secretive fears, desires, kinks... and reality.

Now it’s time to look at this little devil.

1. Grab a journal and pen.

2. Take three long breaths- in through the nose and out through the mouth, even make an audible sigh on the out-breath to awaken your body. Close your eyes as you breathe and this signals your nervous system that you are safe.

3. Write down the reality of your sex life. Even if you’re single, write down your current sex life, what it’s like, how you feel about it, where are hiding, and where are you over-performing...?

Be very honest, the more honest and descriptive you are the better. Don’t judge it or analyse it, just write.

4. Write down the fantasy and how you want your sex life to be. What do you really desire in your sex life, how does it feel, what are doing, what are you hungering for? Again, be honest and as descriptive as possible. No one needs to see this but you!

5. Now, look at your responses to reality and fantasy. Can you see the pattern and thread throughout other areas of your life? Your business, your job...?

I am positive you see the theme here.

This is why I love and believe in this work so much! We can change everything by tapping into one incredible nectar that is available to us!

TWO- Holy & Human

Understanding that you are human and holy, that your humanness is chaos, messy, unpredictable and glorious.

Yes are you this physical body and you are much more than that.

Honouring both without hierarchy.

Often people fall into two categories with this.

1. They don’t see past their human life-

they live their life doing all the things that society says we should do, they tick all the boxes and just go about doing their thing every day.

Usually not think about things greater than them, the world, the universe or the “more”.

2. They are spiritual (or Holy as I like to say)-

they are tapped into the “more”, the cosmos, the universe and connect to the divine at the click of their fingers. They often give more importance to “the upper charkas” and the world outside the one they live in.

This is what it means to cultivate an erotic consciousness.

There is a middle ground here and this is where we have deep humility to both our humanness and our holiness.

Opening up to the fact that we chose this human life for a reason and we are here to melt into life and the moment. As well as, knowing we are so much more. We are here for our soul's evolution and we can tap into innate wisdom and the universal one-mind at any moment.
... but let’s take it one step further,

What does it mean for you to be Hedonistic Holy & Human?

What happens when we open up and invite in hedonism?

We feel frigging amazing, we trust, we love, we feel open and expansive, and we honour all of life and feel it in our bones.
We activate and cultivate a frequency that is the most honouring to all of life and everything it brings. When we feel aroused by life, life opens up to us.

What do hedonism and pleasure mean for you?

Write it down, let yourself feel it in your body and let those feelings build with every breath.


Why do we need an erotic consciousness versus any other type of consciousness?

Because of the cheeky kink. We carry so much shame and guilt around our “sex” it’s ridiculous. As you saw from the first process, it is causing havoc throughout our lives.

So, sitting with our shame, guilt and self-loathing is important.

What is it for you?
What is your relationship with this?

Is it your body, is it that you are afraid of being hurt, is it that you don’t feel worthy, or is it that you don’t feel safe?

Take some time to be with this, write it down and just allow whatever wants to come up, it doesn’t have to make “sense” because chances are it won’t. That’s how our kinks work.

Again, no judgment, just let it come out.

Where are hiding?

Where are you not showing up?

Where do you squirm?

What is it that you’re resisting?

What is turning you on right now?

What is lighting you up?

What do you want more of?

What are you hungering for?

Welcome it all into your body.

Take some of those deep breaths again and close your eyes, where do you feel it in your body?

Locate it, see it focus on it and smother it with love like you would a small child,
let it build with every breath and you’ll notice you’ll get to a point where it’s lost its pull and it’s surrendered.


Follow the breadcrumbs, this is your intuition speaking to you.

Intuition doesn’t give you the complete picture all at once, it comes in pieces and reveals itself as you take action on each piece.

What is turning you on right now?

What is lighting you up?

What do you want more of?

What are you hungering for?


What is internal desire and what is external desire?
Desire, pleasure and hedonism can often be shunned as self-indulgent, frivolous and unimportant.

This is a big mistake because it is the key to everything and knowing the difference between internal and external desire, pleasure and hedonism will serve you well. It’s the difference between self-sabotage, being in the false power of shadow and trying to manipulate or barter with the universe.

Firstly, you can’t outsmart the universe and your body, the divine knows when you’re genuine or when something is forced and fake.

This is the most common misunderstanding I see in spirituality.

Hence why becoming a Dominatrix in your life and a Submissive to the Universe is at the heart and pulse of everything I live by and teach.

1. Get comfortable and take some of those deep breaths in.

2. Close your eyes and let go of everything that’s brought you here to this moment. Melt into this moment.

3. When we feel completely melted into the moment, bring to mind a tangible thing you want, something that is outside of you. Notice where you feel it in or on your body, what does it feel like?

4. This is what external desire feels like.

5. Now shake that off and tap back into that neutral place within.

6. Bring to mind something you deeply hunger for and crave, something you really want for yourself. It might be a feeling, a desire, an experience or a calling you have. Give yourself over to it. Notice where you feel it, how it feels and what it feels like.

Sink into it.

7. This is what internal desire feels like and this is the one you want to tap into, trust and live from.


You’ve made it this far and you can rest assured knowing you have stepped into the most decadent energy there is... ENJOY IT!


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