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Our relationship with our Karma has been completely misconstrued by the misunderstanding of what Karma is and how it plays out in our lives.

Karma originated around 1500 BC with its origin in the Rig Veda, which is the oldest Hindu philosophical and religious text collection.

Karma is taught in many teachings around the world including the mutable Universal Law the Law of Karma, it’s Sanskrit for “action” therefore it is NOT punishment which it is commonly believed to be.

It is derived from emotion and we create “good” or “bad” Karma based on our actions, a significant point is it is based on our mind, emotions and actions.

It is also the number 8 which means it’s infinite!

Karma in Hermeticism is the Law of Cause and Effect, every individual action, emotion and choice has a collective consequence.

We are the co-creators of choice and our Karma is a result of that and we can create whatever we want depending on our intentions.

Is it for personal gain/agenda or benevolence?

Personally, I see Karma as the fruition of our truth and our ability to be real, radically honest and congruent.

Here are 5 signs you might want to relook, reflect and rewrite your Karma.

1. No matter what you do you can’t seem to break the cycle.

The same things keep happening, different faces, different names and yet, the same thread keeps on happening.

This is often a generational thing, what we don’t heal our kids inherit… isn’t that fun!

We often become the person our parents want us to be, rebel against them, become them and repeat the same patterns or deliberately become the opposite. All of them have not come to completion whereby the Karma has not been resolved.

2. You are a chronic over-giving-people-pleaser.

You feel like you give all of yourself to everyone and yet feel like no one really knows you because there is so much you keep to yourself and so much you want to do, feel and enjoy, yet you hold yourself back because you’re worried about what other people or a person might think.

People pleasing is the avoidance of your Karma and you try to change other people's Karma based on what you think is best for them. Playing God, not being God.

It is a sign of control and we use this control to avoid feeling the lack of control we have in our own lives and our own Karma.

3. The mind and body just are not in sync.

I would say the majority of people are disconnected from their bodies, our minds run the show and we are slave to it. Meanwhile, our bodies hold libraries of memories, information and beliefs that create our reality which we are completely unconscious of.

The body's intelligence is responsible for the manifestation of all the patterns of behaviour, actions and results we experience in our lives.

We are disconnected from ourselves so therefore truly connecting with others will be limited to our ability to connect to our bodies.

4. You have pent-up anger, resentment, frustration and grief you can’t seem to get rid of.

You may be conscious or unconscious of this, a lot of people are very resistant and will deny any idea that they have suppressed rage, anger, grief and frustration. It can show up like defending yourself, being overly one-sided, rebellious and always finding yourself saying the opposite to those who trigger you.

These emotions are usually bypassed and ignored because we don’t know how to process them properly and they are seen as undesirable and unwelcome emotions because of their bigness.

(Though they are only big because of our perception of them, even most teachings teach us they are wrong and less than)

Maybe, you can feel it and you don't know what to DO with it.

5. You have hella big ideas, visions and dreams and don’t know where TF to start bringing it all together.

Our Karma is created in each ever-present moment and people with big ideas, visions and dreams are future-focused, thus, keeping their fantasies where they always remain in the future.

Being that our Karma is created from emotion and action you can see where this could become less than ideal!

Have you selected one or more? Join us in KarmaSoma and we will rewrite your Karma in your Soma (your body)


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