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Intimacy Mid-Life, there is no denying sex after 40 can change drastically for several reasons, kids, perimenstrual, menopause, life and changes in your relationships.

#1 You are NOT who you used to be… and THAT’S GOOD THING.

We change, who we were is no longer and we need to adapt.

The beautiful thing about having time on your side is you know what you want and what you don’t want.

- don’t settle for anything less than you deserve.

There is depth and desire within you that is right under your skin and it’s time to set it free.

You know that life is unpredictable and we get to embrace that and create a sex life that reflects that.

Every year you give less FKS about what people think.

Try not to wallow in what you’re not and embrace who you are now, this really means- don’t worry about feeling like you need to look younger, hotter and the way you used to look. Tap into the knowing that feeling sexy is an inside job, it’s just energy you cultivate.

Sexual energy is a life force.

I think there is nothing sexier than I woman who knows who she is, and what she wants and is unapologetic in going after it.

As I get older I love that I know my way around “in the bedroom”, I am unafraid of being vulnerable and expressing what I want, to try new things and to have fun and take the pressure off.

Pressure on yourself or anyone is a total buzz kill.

Celebrate yourself, as you are right now.

#2 Flip all the reasons why you think sex isn’t a priority.

We tell ourselves that sex isn’t important and we don’t need it, but we are lying to ourselves.

Sex is more than penetration, it’s connection, it’s stress relief, it’s a time where we can connect to ourselves, the universe and another human. (though you don’t have to be)

Our sex life is a TRUE reflection of our entire lives, whether we are in a relationship or not, our journey with sex and intimacy is never over, it is a constant evolution of SELF and we can use it to get really honest with ourselves and see where we are in alignment and where we’re not.

Research shows that people who have a healthy sex life are happier with their lives and feel more empowered and successful.

It gives you an undeniable edge.

Sex releases numerous chemicals in our bodies so not only do we feel more relaxed, calm, happy and blissful… we also feel more in control and confident.

If you want to rock the boardroom, rock the bedroom.

And I am not talking about selling your soul using seduction, I am preferring to the innate, innocence and erotic magnetism that is the purest, honest, self-respecting and beautiful energy we can ever feel and radiate.


When we reclaim this part of ourselves we feel alive and we are giving a big FK YOU to the colonial patriarchal religion.

The more we “FK the MAN the more we FK the man” the machine, inequality, the suppression, the shame and create a more pleasurable world for future generations… even Buddha says “pleasure is fundamental to our evolution”

This is a new chapter, the second half of your journey, what do you want to experience?

Take it by the reins and make it whatever you choose because life is too short to die wondering.

Live with no regrets.

If you would like to help, reach out.

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