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What if your relationship with intimacy and pleasure could change in 2 hours? No matter where you are now I can guarantee you that you’ll have a dramatic transformation in this time. From the first timers to the well travelled. This is uniquely designed to find YOUR edge, the block that is stopping you from your fullest expression and juiciest nectar based on your unique blueprint, soul self and human self. Using the evidence-based, tried and tested modality that carries a seal of excellence with the International Institute of Contemporary Therapy and is adored by many, Somatic Kink Experience. We work on all five bodies and are well-rounded, omnipotent and backed by quantum physics, neuroscience, psychology and psychosomatics. It’s also fused with ancient wisdom, consciousness, intuition and Transpersonal Pleasure for life-altering results. The ripple effect of this work improves and enhances every area of your life! The Intimacy Immersion will be delivered by me, the Madam of the School Of Somatic Kink and you will receive a bonus custom hypnotic track to integrate and enhance your results. For a limited time, it is $297, saving $300.


To cancel or reschedule we require 24 hours' notice, and a 50 % no-show fee does occur.

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