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As a Priestess of consciousness and Mistress of Eros who holds a safe and fierce container for you to deepen, learn and enjoy this experience. Let’s journey together in this powerful unfolding of sacred union to Worship Him.


  • How to honour yourself as a Priestess of sacred union.
  • How to cultivate the energy and harness the power of your touch.
  • How to create the space and set the intention for this exchange.
  • How to lead and guide him into a state of ecstasy.
  • How to use nothing but your healing hands to amplify his experience.


Everything you need to know to Worship Him in the most sacred, safe and supportive way, complete with all the sorcery and practical how to’s.



  • For women who want to deepen their connection with their partner and explore sacred union.
  • Who want to learn how to cultivate feeling states and energy for amplified connection.
  • Learn techniques and pleasure points and become confident in how you worship your partner.
  • Who want to empower both yourself and your partner.
  • For BUSY women and Mum's who are looking for a realistic way to connect with their partner that fits into and around kids and chaos.




  • Anyone who wants an anatomy class. This is a practical class weaved with sensuality and Eros. We don’t go into names, functions or anything text book.


This is a sacred container and there is no nudity or physical demonstrations on the male body.


Self- Study: You will be sent this online workshop within 24 hours of purchasing.


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