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We start this Tuesday (tomorrow) and it really is such an honour to share this with you, there are just a couple of things that weren’t shared in the Welcome email.

Voxer Support-

Is to give you extra scaffolding throughout this journey, if you haven’t got the app you can download it for free and find me at Renee_Mayne.

Send through questions, sharings and anything you feel you would like to share.

You can send them through whenever you like and I will be checking in twice daily in the morning and the afternoon from Monday to Friday.

You are welcome to send them through on weekends however I may not get to it until Monday.

Partner Care Pack.

It gives me great pleasure to add this into the curriculum and it is to enhance your journey and give your special someone a chance to be a part of the experience.

It doesn’t have to be a partner, it can be a lover, a friend or whoever you feel you want to share this with and who might like to come along for the ride.


There is a video and an info book.



There will be a process given to you every week that I invite you to do as a non-negotiable because we know this is an important part of truly becoming Self-Sourced.

We want long-term change and it’s there for a reason because it works. Each process has been carefully selected to complement the Module and by the end of the 10 weeks, you’ll have epic tools up your sleeve you can draw upon whenever you need them.


You will be given access to a G-Drive folder where you can get all the recordings, worksheets and processes.

I encourage you to try and make the Live’s and if you can’t please carve out time to watch them otherwise they tend to get on top of you and you are less likely to do it, and it can often be a form of self-sabotage so be mindful of that.

I hold a firm container and I pride myself on holding you fiercely and gently, whatever you need at that moment.


Above all, trust you are here for a reason and you are about to dive into some of the most cutting-edge teachings that are usually reserved for the Somatic Kink Practitioner Training.


Below is all the welcome email again, just for your ease to find everything in one place xxx


YAY!!! I am super excited to be sending you this email, you are about to go on an epic journey. 

If you can't make the Live that's OK, a recording will be sent out asap. (Though if you can I highly recommend you do)

The flow will roll out as follows-

Tuesday 11am AEDT- Live Module.


Thursday 1pm AEDT- Live Q & A.


First Live’s will be- (link to join calendar)

Live Module: 12th July
Live Q & A: 14th July

The last Live’s will be-

Live Module: 13th Sept
Live Q & A: 15th Sept

Jump on the Live Q & A to ask questions, debrief, share, rant, witness vent or rage.

One on one session booking link. 
Temple Link.

Commitment to your experience.
We are absolutely committed to your experience and supporting you through this.
We trust that you will be equally committed.
Show up for yourself and trust the calling, when you feel resistance and don’t want to enter a Temple, it’s usually the one you need the most. Come anyway!
Be on time! The Temple opens 10mins before the start time so you can drop in, I encourage you to make the most of this.
We start on time because as a part of our code of ethics we like to honour everyone’s time commitment.
We have private sessions available to further support this experience and expansion. Use these whenever you feel called OR you can feel yourself retreating into a cave and boarding on isolating yourself. (It can happen as you do this work and your ego can put out all sorts of tricks)
· Ensure you have good headphones or excellent sound.
· Ideally you will not be disturbed.
· Bring a blanket, a journal, water and anything you need to feel comfortable and supported.
· Wear comfortable clothes.
Prepare your space and household as much as you can so you can fully “go there” and get the most out of this experience. Tell partners, children or pets whatever you need to so they can support your transformation.
If you have any thoughts, concerns, feedback or doubts please call/ message/ email me (Renée) ASAP to discuss anything.
As we journey together we are held in a tight container to ensure your deepest expansion and embodiment. Each person has a sacred spot in the Temple so please respect each other’s privacy, time, commitment and sharing, as she will you.

The more you put in, the more you get out of it, and the deeper you go the more you allow your sisters to venture deeper with you. We are in this together in this beautiful space where you will arrive and arrive again, each time feeling more expansive and embodied as your Eros is revealed to you.
The lens is through which you look and see yourself and the world is going to look very different! 

All my love

Nay x

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