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I think the most interesting realisation in Power Dynamics is that we both have all of the power and none of the power.

It’s perception and intention.

There is no “Natural Law” that suggests Men were born to be Dominant and Women were born to be Submissive, this is the hangover from the Colonial Patriarchal Religion, it’s misogynistic plain and simple.

Here at the School, we believe that the power is in Eros, our own fullness and autonomy, where we come together as whole humans that are anchored on Benevolence… and I don’t know about you but being with a woman who is bringing her A Game is sexy AF and baby, she was born to be on top… we have the space to go deeper, to take you to places where you forget your own name.

It’s a union that is so beautiful you cannot look away, it renders you speechless as ecstasy traverses through your veins.

She is that good.

She is that good because she has a natural ability to just know where the energy is flowing, and where it wants to go and she can ride that wave like it’s an extreme sport that is accessible to everyone.

There is beauty in allowing a man to express his raw, vulnerable, truest and innermost intimate feelings and to be able to hold him in all of it.

It’s what allows him to hold you in the same depth, it feels good to meet people where they’re at and drop all masks we feel like we have to wear.

This is the truest Power Dynamic, the ability to be agile in giving and receiving, Dominance and Submission are ultimately the same thing they are just expressed differently, but the intention and attention in the same… to meet in a realm that is beyond all rules, polarity and societal norms.

It’s not about what’s on trend or following a set of rules that make us stale and obedient.

Power Dynamics in its innocence is fluid,

Where bodies move as one,

Dreams melt into reality,

Thoughts become intertwined and telepathic as bodies move in sync and in accordance with our highest good.

Intimacy is fused with virtue…

Our bodies will always seek equilibrium whereby we experience BEING both Dominant and Submissive, when we deny ourselves of that we are no longer anchored in our Soul Self and we become codependent in our relationships.


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