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There’s the fantasy and then there’s the reality.

The points in between are the steps we take to integrate both.

Point A and point B formulates a quest.

Everything in life connected,

We’re a web of consciousness and connectivity,

That’s why when we hurt others we hurt ourselves,

When we love hard and holy everyone feels it.

The trouble is we use our reality to try and get to the fantasy and that’s never going to happen. We only create more of the same, more of what we’ve got.

Once you know the fantasy and feel the energy of it you can connect to it and already you’re cultivating a new reality.

In order for us to sustain anything we must receive pleasure from it otherwise it just evaporates into nothing, an empty dream that’s never fulfilled.

The world doesn’t need another person with buried hopes and dreams.

The world needs people who love hard and who have pleasure floating through the veins.

The world needs blood and it needs to see your bleed,

To be open,

To be unafraid,

To be you.

All of you.

People are afraid of their fantasy, what will they have to give up, how will their life change, what will be think…

We have fantasies for a reason and they windows into what we really want…

Sometimes they are symbolic,

Sometimes they are grand,

Sometimes they feel elusive,

Often they are gateway to the soul reminding you that the world needs your fantasies and you really can have it all.


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